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Spring & Summer Pocket Squares

Our new collection of Spring & Summer pocket squares have just landed.

For the first time ever we’ve added to our range by printing on linen, cotton and modal, as well as the classic silk.

Linen creates a delightful crunchy feel and has that ubiquitous Summer texture.  Additionally, the squares are slightly smaller than our traditional silk ones, making them less bulky in the pocket.


The above squares are a real mix of materials: they are 50% Modal, 42% Linen and 8% Silk.

This mix is one of the most exciting cloths we have ever seen.  It is lighter than pure silk, the linen adds the texture and the modal gives it an incredibly soft touch.

Modal is a semi-synthetic fibre, originally derived from cellulose from Beech trees.

The range is made up of a eclectic group of designs, which range from block colours on the linen and Iranian inspired paisleys on the modal to more figurative and painterly patterns on the cotton.

As always, our pocket squares are hand screen printed in Macclesfield and hand roll hemmed in England.