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Autumn Interviews vol. II: Grey Fox

Grey Fox is a fashion and style blog aimed at men over forty. It was started in December 2011, by Grey Fox (sometimes known as David Evans).  It champions British craftsmanship and describes his journey to find a style of his own.

My inspiration for what I do is primarily the desire to write and to be stylish as an older man. My grandfather, born in 1901, was a very stylish man; he used to wear suede brogues and very snappy suits, he smoked cigarettes from a long cigarette holder and spoke 6 to 8 languages. He was someone I looked up to and admired, so I suppose I had his style in the back of my mind.

The thing I love most about what I do is meeting people. Every week I’m out there, meeting people I would never have met before as a lawyer and teacher.

If I didn’t live in London I would live in Cumbria. We have a family home there so I am there a lot. I love getting away from it all to the beauty of the countryside and the mountains. I’m very lucky that I have the choice of being in the city or in the country.

The last piece of music I bought is a recording of Verdi’s La Traviata.

If I weren’t writing the Grey Fox blog I would be doing something creative. Perhaps I’d be a jeweller or making things from wood or leather.

My signature style piece is a pair of brown, grain leather brogues, Northampton made.

The last thing I bought and loved is my bike. A Seven Axiom with a titanium frame, made to measure for me.

The book on my bedside table is Great Britain’s Great War by Jeremy Paxman, which is surprisingly good, actually.

My favourite drink is malt whisky with a dash of Cumbria water to open up the flavours. Either an island whisky or a subtle Speyside.

An unforgettable place I have travelled to is Rome. What an amazing place, where you can walk through all the old ruins and get a very clear idea of what Rome was like 2000 years ago.

The best restaurant I discovered recently is L’Enclume in Cumbria.

The artist whose work I would collect is Turner. If I had a limitless fund, I would fill my house with Turner. He covers such a range of styles, being very modern but very Victorian.

The Augustus Hare product I would most like to find in my stocking is the Zola silk knitted tie.

Grey Fox wears the Zola silk knitted tie and the Rivoli pocket square