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Autumn Interviews vol. I : Chris Gaul

Chris Gaul works for the UN, fighting human trafficking, and founded Fashioned for Freedom, a fashion show that celebrates brands who ensure no-one is exploited in the production of their products.

My inspiration for what I do came from Vietnam. In 2009, I visited Vietnam for work and I started to learn about Vietnamese migrants who were trafficked to the UK to grow cannabis. It was seeing migrants who were abused and suffering that set me on this path, they were my inspiration.

If I didn’t live in London the city I would live in is Oxford. I have a Grandmother who lives there so I have visited it hundreds of times over the years. To live in an old city, with such heritage, beautiful buildings and lovely old pubs – I would love it.

If I weren’t doing what I do I would write. I am two years into my research for an historical novel based over 3000 years ago in the Middle East. I would love to do this full time as I have a 5 book series in mind. I am really enjoying the research phase, but it is time I started getting the story developed.

My signature style is slate grey T-shirts, brown brogue boots and black jeans. I am migrating to what most men in their early 30s do, contemporary classic, well-fitting clothing.

The luxury I can’t live without is my phone. I really, really hate saying this, as I wish I had a more interesting answer I just don’t know how people managed to navigate around London before City Mapper and Google Maps.

The last thing I bought and loved is a series of books by Maurice Druon called The Accursed Kings. Seven books about the French monarchy in the 13th and 14th centuries.

An unforgettable place I have travelled to is Paris. I got engaged there last December. Places are unforgettable due to the memories attributed to them. The city itself was not necessarily unforgettable, but the moment was.

The best restaurant I discovered recently is La Gare, Paris. Fantastic lamb, incredible giant praline éclair – emotional memories.

The Augustus Hare product I would most like to find in my stocking is the Hammered Sky cufflinks. They are classy, beautifully made, timeless and would make most suits look more expensive than they are, which as a man is important.

Tickets are now on sale for the Fashioned for Freedom Show on 16th October in Marylebone, London.

Chris wears the Suffolk knitted cashmere tie, the Peace Tie in woven silk, and the Mosaic silk pocket square.