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Augustus Hare Boxer Shorts

We’ve recently added boxers to our line up of products.  Like everything we make, we took our time to make sure that every element of our boxers was considered.  From the cotton to the craftsmanship, we believe our boxers to be the finest around.

From the outside, our factory in Twickenham may look unassuming. But enter in and you find a hive of activity.  In here the focus is on making the best boxers possible.

The first step of the process is the draft a pattern unique to Augustus Hare.  After extensive testing we settled on two key features which make our boxers exceptionally comfortable.


The first is the gusset seat panel.  This means that instead of having a central seam on the back of the boxer, we have two angling across either side.  The lack of central seam means the boxer moves more as you move, and crucially, stops it riding up.

The second difference is a tunnel waistband.  Our waistbands are elastic, covered with the cloth of the boxer.  However, this cloth is never stitched to the elastic: it is free floating.  This increases movement of the elastic which stops it ever feeling tight or pinching in at the hip.

Both of these processes demand more time and skill from the maker, as well as more cloth. However, they make such a difference to the comfort of the short that we couldn’t forgo them.

After the patterns for our boxers are hand cut in the cloth of our choice, the pieces are then artfully stitched together with double stitching to make sure the seams are extra durable.